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Moving Company in Nashville TN

Professional, reliable, and trusted movers in Nashville.

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Moving Company in Nashville TN
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Local Movers in Nashville TN
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Professional Movers Nashville TN

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a headshot of Jennifer owner of Master Movers in Nashville Tennessee

It’s my honor to serve the greater Nashville TN area with professional moving, phenomenal customer service, and a moving experience that you’ll love and enjoy. ~Jennifer A. | Client Service Specialist

  • "I have used Master Movers for several local moves in Nashville. I used Master Movers for the first time in 2004 and have never been disappointed. I have a baby grand piano and they've never had any problems moving it or anything else. I refer them to anyone I know moving in Nashville. Thanks guys."

    Danny a satisfied Mt. Juliet, TN Master Movers Moving Company customer
  • "I found my new moving company, the Men at Master Movers went way beyond the call of duty in trying to figure out how to get my too big entertainment center out of the bonus room. They got it done and it's still in one piece, very impressive. The men were very professional and trained in how to do their job. Thanks."

    Scott a satisfied Nashville, TN Master Movers Moving Company customer
  • "Jennifer, I appreciate all the help you were in scheduling my move. The movers showed up and got right to work. We are all settled in the new house now, nothing got damaged and the guys were on time. I will definitely use Master Movers if I ever need to move again."

    Sherry a satisfied Shelbyville, TN Master Movers Moving Company customer
  • "Master Movers just completed a very big commercial project for us which included complete removal of cubicles and assembly and installation of new cubicles. The movers were well trained, showed up each day on time and completed the job ahead of schedule. Our new office set up looks great and it was a pleasure working with this crew!"

    Richard a satisfied Nashville, TN Master Movers Moving Company customer
  • "I just had the most amazing experience with this company. We had a POD that was very poorly packed and we had more items that needed to be loaded. They sent two men who arrived on time and were incredibly pleasant. They unloaded the mess we had and repacked everything in much less time than I expected. More importantly, is the packing job was like a work of art! We were so pleased. I will definitely use them in the future. Thanks!"

    Ralph a satisfied Nashville, TN Master Movers Moving Company customer

Residential Moving Company

Locally owned, we take care of all your residential moving needs, even moving pianos. Let our family move yours.

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Commercial Moving Company

Commercial moving takes careful planning. Let our experienced team help you navigate your office move.

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Moving & Packing Supplies

Moving supplies are not all created equal. At Master Movers, we only use the best. We have Picture boxes, shrink wrap, made to fit boxes, and more.

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Movers In Brentwood!

Are you looking for movers in Brentwood TN or perhaps in Franklin, Murfreesboro, or Mt. Juliet? Perfect! We’d love to work with you. Give our team a call and we’ll set something up based on your schedule.

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Nashville Trusts Master Movers – The Preferred Local Movers in Nashville TN

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Since the Spring of 2000, Master Movers has been providing the most reliable moving services in Nashville. We are your Nashville Moving Company.

Master Movers has been a highly successful?local moving business for almost 20 years. Thanks to word-of-mouth and loyal customers, we now help more than 10,000 clients each year.? People are raving about us online! Why? Because at Master Movers we really do care, we do what we say, and we don’t overcharge.
Our goal is to save you time, money, and relief from the stress that moving days often bring. The well-trained staff at Master Movers is polite, punctual, and professional, providing you with top-notch residential and commercial moving services for all your moving needs in the greater Nashville area.
While other moving companies in Nashville hire temporary staff when needed, our reliable and trained movers work for Master Movers full time! We move all your belongings, we move your furniture, we can move pianos, etc. Our reputation as the best Nashville movers and top-notch moving services Nashville TN, including our impressive list of moving clients, basically speaks for itself. We’d love to provide you with the same great experience.

Moving Company Nashville


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$20.00 Off Your Next Move!

A gift from our team here at Master Movers Nashville. If you plan to move soon or need help right away, take full advantage of this small discount. You will encounter a lot of different expenses when moving to a new place, and we know this. Every little bit of savings count, right? We’re excited to hear from you soon!

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Meet the Master Movers Team

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